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What is Animal Yokocho?
It's a wonderful series by Ryo Maekawa that is both a manga and anime. The manga is serialized in the shoujo magazine Ribon, and published by Shueisha. The anime started in fall 2005 and ran for 51 episodes.

The story of Animal Yokocho is about a little girl, Ami, who moves with her family into a new house. She soon discovers a mysterious trapdoor in the floor of her room, and is shocked to find a whole world down there, called Animal Yokocho. She becomes best friends with three of the inhabitants: Iyo the rabbit, Issa the panda, and Kenta the bear. There's also the rather mysterious Yamanami-san, the horse, who seems to have anything and be anyone you want.

This layout is the first for the FL, and features Iyo, Issa, and Ami. I had such a hard time finding any good image to work with, and unfortunately, this one left Kenta out. ;_; Texture by gender. Fonts used are PT Banana Split for the logo and Corinne for the navigation.

I'm always happy to affiliate with other fanlistings, fansites, etc. ^^ Please keep them somewhat related -- other AniYoko fanlistings and similar series are preferred. Please e-mail me at honeybiscuit @ gmail.com (remove spaces) if interested.