What a complicated pair. Both Soubi and Ritsuka have such different ideals, expectations and wants that it makes it nearly impossible to pin their feelings down. They seem very different on the surface, but they share some of the same basic traits and problems. Soubi puts up a false front of confidence and strength, but when something pierces him, you can see what he really is: afraid and uncertain, just like Ritsuka. They both try -- sometimes successfully -- to appear to be stronger and more independent than they really are, but in reality they desperately need someone to rely on. Until recently, they relied on the same person: Seimei. In the aftermath of his 'death', both are just trying to fill the gaping hole Seimei left in their hearts. Though Soubi and Ritsuka's future together is murky, in the present they have found someone who understands things no one else does.

This special kind of chemistry is what I love about the relationship. It's unconventional and certainly not run-of-the-mill. Neither has what they want, and no way to get it. Both have flaws, but they can help each other with their shortcomings. Nothing is perfect, but they're finding a way to make it work for them.

I plan to expand this section eventually, but until then, for more on Ritsuka and Soubi (together and individually), visit Adolescence.