Vocal Album

The vocal album was released on September 8, 2006. It features songs performed by some of the cast of the anime, such as Minagawa Junko and Katsuyuki Konishi, but in character.

1. 愛しい人よ (itoshii hito yo)
2. 太陽とともに (taiyou to tomo ni)
3. 走れ 思う まま (hashire omou mama)
4. Growing up
6. 愛しい人よ -instrumental- (itoshii hito yo -instrumental-)
7. 太陽とともに -instrumental- (taiyou to tomo ni -instrumental-)
8. 走れ 思う まま -instrumental- (hashire omou mama -instrumental-)
9. Growing up -instrumental-
10. ENTRUST -instrumental-
11. Pursuit ~ Comical
12. Jealousy
13. YUIKO ~ Comical
14. Moody
15. SEIMEI - Hope