Persistent Rumors

I haven't seen a fandom so plagued with misinformation and silly rumors since Sailormoon! This list was made to help with the confusion and dispell some of the worst rumors.

Soubi's family name is Shisai.
When Obsession, a scanlation group, first translated the first two volumes, they used Chinese editions. Unfortunately, they didn't get a very accurate translation, and one of the mistakes was Soubi's family name. The correct answer is Agatsuma.

Natsuo and Youji are female.
Absolutely in no way true. I've heard the Chinese publisher changed their sex for the Chinese editions, but I don't know for sure. In any case, in the original edition they are male.

Ai is male.
Sorry, try again. Ai is most definitely female.

The Loveless manga has ended.
Nope, not true. Kouga does take breaks occasionally, but pretty much every mangaka does at some point.

There will be a second Loveless anime series.
Variations on this rumor are too numerous to catalogue, but my personal favourite involves a second series under the name "Beloved". (Where do people get this stuff?!) I won't say that it will absolutely never happen, but it doesn't look likely. The anime ended over two years ago, and the official website closed in January 2007. And as it is, the manga is progressing so slowly that it will probably take a long time still for it to wrap up, and who knows if anyone will still care about a continuation of the anime by then? Until an official announcement is made, and not just "what you heard from your friend", no second series exists or is being planned.

The anime is 13/24/26 episodes long.
Sorry, it's just 12 episodes, not counting the "Ohayou Loveless-kun!" DVD specials.