Shinonome Hitomi (東雲瞳)

A shy, easily ruffled, naive young woman who is Ritsuka's teacher. It seems like everyone she interacts with in the story makes her cry, intentionally or not. Her relationship with Soubi (if you could even call it that) is explosive, with both sides fearing the other for very different reasons: Soubi acts abrasive towards her because he has an ingrained disgust for teachers and other authority figures, and Hitomi simply becomes nervous and skittish when Soubi is around. Another possible reason Soubi acts so nasty to her is because she's a few years older than she is, and still retains her ears. His perception of adults and children, and their maturity and skills, is brought up often in the story, and is one of the strongest themes presented.

Hitomi has a brother, but his name is unknown, and so far he has only appeared in a sidestory published in the January 2007 issue of Zero-Sum.