Other Releases

In addition to the manga volumes, there have been a fair few things that are related, but not quite as important. Extras, really. Below is information about these companion releases.

Out of Control No Control
The first volume was released in May 2003, and the second release possibly later the same year, but I am unsure. Both volumes are called Out of Control No Control. The first focuses on Kouga's then-running series with some unique illustrations, and the second is a crazy Loveless doujinshi. It's very short, and has a few illustrations and one-page gag comics. Despite the risque cover and title, it's a light-hearted doujinshi.

Released intermittently, Tornado is a series in which each volume contains sketches and notes from Kouga. Available only at Comiket. Currently, three have been released. Unfortunately, I don't own all of them, and only have covers for 1 and 2, which are displayed in order above.

Released bi-annually, KoZeroSum is a special publication that is not available for very long. It contains short stories by the authors of Zero-Sum series, and features characters from those series. Loveless has been present in all of them as far as I know, but the KoZeroSum issues are difficult to get, and my knowledge is secondhand. Eventually, there will be scans of all the covers and detailed descriptions when I get my own copies.

Your Eyes Only
Released in mid-July 2005, Your Eyes Only is an artbook that mostly features Loveless artwork, but a few pieces from her other series.

2006 calendar
Released in early 2005. Features artwork from the manga.

Voleur de Rose
First released in summer 2006, this is a special magazine-type publication released at Comiket by Kouga Yun. The focus is dollfies, a very expensive, trendy type of ball-jointed doll. Kouga also contributes illustrations. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the magazine for myself, but there is reportedly Soubi and Ritsuka dollfies in the first issue.

Mimi to Boku
Released in early 2007. The title means "Ears and Me". In the story, Ritsuka plays Wisdom Resurrection with Soubi, who falls into a lake, and Ritsuka must choose from three cards which Soubi he wants: earless 12 year old Soubi, innocent but earless 12 year old Soubi, or earless 20 year old Soubi. The young Soubi scenes are very much like the famous story from an issue of KoZeroSum in which Ritsuka and Soubi switch places. In this story, however, they reinact a slightly different version of a risque scene in volume 6.