Magazine Scans

"Magazine" is used loosely here. As far as this page goes, it means all periodicals and the like. The 2005 Newtype article was scanned by me, as well as the entire Tokyopop Takuhai/Manga Magazine section. The rest are scans I've collected, and if you know who scanned them, please e-mail me.

Tokyopop Takuhai (Manga Magazine)

When it first began, this biannual Tokyopop magazine (full of weird articles and plugs of their own products) was called Takuhai. I guess that name was unpopular, because now it doesn't really have any proper name at all, but occasionally still refered to as "Tokyopop's manga magazine". Whatever. The scans below are from an issue published just before Loveless volme 1 was published in English, and it had a nice preview of the manga, plus some cardboard Loveless valentines.